marquez pacquiao III

The third fight is here! I cannot believe it is tonight! Juan Manual Marquez has been a very patient man for the past years. Manny has been on a winning streak and seems to be unstoppable. I have not seen any of their 24/7 series nor been in the loop with the media surrounding the fight.

The first two fights were something special. In the first, Manny knocked down Marquez 3 times in the first round. Things looked grim for Marquez but he adjusted and came back. The first bout ended in a draw. The second fight was nothing short of their first. It was more of a back and forth battle. Manny scored a third round knock down which made the difference in the fight as he received the spilt decision victory.

This is going to be difficult to pick a winner. Juan Manuel Marquez is one of the only guys to give Pacquiao a run for his money. He is very determined to win this fight and to prove he is better than Pacquiao. On the other hand, Manny has gotten better as his career goes on. I believe he is in his prime and will win tonight. I would love to see Marquez pull out the upset but I do not think he will.


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