the best game of all time- shenmue

It is upsetting that there probably will never be a Shenmue III. The first was great, the second was even better. I still once in awhile play number 2 and if I still owned a Dreamcast, would undoubtedly play the original. In the original, the whole plot is seeking revenge and finding Lan Di. Of course this is not an easy task. Ryo must overcome hard ships like gangs, shady people, lack of money, being young, etc. Ryo, being only 18, some folks do not take him seriously. A young kid seeking revege is a recipe for disaster. Well, they are right, but he stands his ground. Besides the main goal of seeking revenge, I enjoyed all the things in between such as working, the culture, roaming around, talking to people and more. The character I liked most in the original was Tom. He had his own hot dog stand. Tom was very friendly to Ryo and always positive.

The old saying goes, nothing beats an original. Not in this case. Shenmue II is my favorite video game to date. This time instead of the Dreamcast, it upgraded to the Xbox. Ryo arrives by boat in Hong Kong. Ryo is a very determined young man. He went from his hometown in Japan all the way across the country to Hong Kong. All for revenge, impressive or stupid? Not sure… Anyway, he arrives in Hong Kong in the afternoon. The people have their shops set up, asking Ryo a bunch of questions and even taking photos of him. A little overwhelming at first. The worst is when he has his bag stolen by Wong and some of the Heavens. Have no fear because Ryo finds his bag a bit later with the help of a young lady named Joy. Joy may come off as mean but she is a friend. In Shenmue II, it is easy to get lost, being that there is so much to explore. The graphics that create the scenery is something else. My favorite character would have to be Ren. Although he is the leader of the Heavens, he is a decent guy. Ryo and Ren work great as a team when searching for Zhu Yuan Da in the Yellowhead Building. 

Shenmue III? I hope there will be a Shenmue III. It is not looking good however. There has been talks for years of making this game. A couple of things I have heard is that number 3 will not be the end. Instead it will continue to be a long journey. On the other hand, number 3 would be the last installment.


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