forever married…with children

This show is timeless. I have been watching this show since I was a young kid. As a young kid, I didn’t get all the adult humor right away but I caught on. Thank you  TV networks for syndication and dvd releases. It was nearly impossible to watch an episode and not laugh. Al Bundy was a very miserable man who was indeed married with children. Now if he had a good career as well as a compliant family, maybe he would not be such a mope. Unfortunately, Al sells women’s shoes..

Lets take a look at who he is living with. His wife Peggy. A day in the life of Peg is sitting on the couch watching Oprah while snacking on some bon bons. Peggy adds little to the family besides adding up their bills. Next is Kelly. Kelly is much like Peggy but does not sit on the couch all day long. Kelly is not the smartest in the world but at least she encourages Al from time to time. Bud is the most level headed of the family. He is actually quite bright. Still being a young man throughout the series, his main focus is finding women who will take interest in him. Neighbors Marcy and Steve/Marcy and Jefferson were just about considered family due to their appearance in almost every episode.

Spanning 10 years, it is difficult to pick a favorite episode. Some that stick out were the baseball strike episode titled “A Man for No Seasons”. This was in season 9. Another was when Fox aired a show that mocked the Bundy’s. This episode was called “No Pot to Pease In”, also from season 9. “You Better Shop Around” part 1 & 2 from season 5 and plenty more. In my opinion, Married With Children is better than any show on television today. The show ran 11 seasons from April 5 1987 to June 9 1997.


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