christmas movies

Another reason I love Christmas time are the movies. You cannot flip through the channels without seeing a Xmas flick. I have three that I must watch around this time. The first is Home Alone. Love this one. So many funny parts that you cannot help but quote them all the time. My favorite part is when Kevin pranks the Little Nero’s pizza guy. Poor guy, Kevin didn’t mean it though, just wanted a laugh.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is just a great as the first. This time Kevin is alone in the big apple. Fortunately he has his dad’s credit card and lives it up in a fancy hotel room. Favorite part is when the head gentleman snoops in on “Kevin’s father” in the shower. Instead it is a voice recording of Kevin’s uncle and a blow up clown doll, too funny.

Who could forget A Christmas Story. This is the head honcho of Christmas movies. I mean it is on 24 hours for the special day. The protagonist Ralphie is a good kid with problems that kids his age has; little brothers, bullies, friends, school, etc. Favorite part is when Ralphie finally puts the bully Scut Farkus in his place by pummeling him.


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