tribute to TNA & double j

Double J being none other than Jeff Jarrett. Love him or hate him he has been a force in the wrestling business for his whole career. With the fall of Extreme Champion Wrestling and WWE purchasing WCW, Jarrett started Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2002. TNA operated under the NWA governing until about 2004.

From the beginning, I liked the fact that TNA was different from the rest. Different in that the promotion held weekly pay per views instead of monthly ones that were the norm. TNA did not establish a television deal until 2004. Later they gained a regular deal with Spike TV as TNA Impact began. Up until that point, their primary driving force was the weekly pay per views via the internet.

Who could forget the hexagon ring? A six sided ring? Man that was something else. Today, they have went back to the normal four sided ring. The X Division has some of the most talented wrestlers I have ever seen. These guys are true athletes. TNA featured wrestlers that were not considered main event guys in WWF or WCW. Jeff Jarrett and company treated everyone equally from the start.


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