ufc on fox 2

A UFC event that is free? I’m in. This is the second time the UFC was free on FOX. I must say, they did not disappoint. I did not watch the preliminary card but just the 3 main card fights. The three were Demian Maia vs Chris Weidman, Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans vs Phil Davis.

Demian Maia vs Chris Weidman was a mediocre bout. I was aiming for Demian Maia to win but Weidman got the unanimous decision. Maia didn’t look himself in there and Weidman capitalized. Demian Maia will bounce back, no big deal.

Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping was an entertaining fight. I picked Sonnen to win. Michael Bisping was tougher than a lot of people thought. He hung in there with Chael and even staggered him. Some had the first two rounds for Bisping, including Joe Rogan. Sonnen’s takedowns were the deciding point. Hopefully fans get to see a rematch with Anderson Silva soon!

Rashad Evans vs Phil Davis was not a bad fight. Evans of course was the favorite. Phil Davis did decent against a skilled fighter like Rashad. Davis in fact is a big guy. He looked a weight class higher than Rashad. Winning this fight should secure a title fight with Jon Jones at UFC 145!


2 thoughts on “ufc on fox 2

  1. I felt the main card fights where not great but we can’t expect a highlightreel every time. The ufc has been on a roll lately and it was bound to have a show that wasn’t as spectacular

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