barrera vs marquez

This fight took place in 2007 and was an instant classic. Marco Antonio Barrera is called the baby-faced assassin. I thought he was older than Juan Manuel Marquez but they are both are the same age, with Marquez the elder. This was a tough fight for the judges to score. The back and forth battle I thought favored Barrera from the start. The whole fight I saw Barrera being the relaxed boxer. This could quite possibly be why Marquez was awarded the fight. Marquez did look more persistent during the fight.

I scored it 7 rounds to 5 for Barrera. The seventh round was a little tricky because Barrera did knock Marquez down with a right hand. However, Barrera followed up with a blow to the head while Marquez was down. This cost Barrera a point deduction. The winner of that round was Marquez. Neither man looked hurt during the fight. Marquez had Barrera backing up a few times when he did land clean. The funny thing is that when this happened, Barrera would come right back!

Who knows, these two could have a rematch in 2012 or later. Marquez has been doing good lately. His only legitimate loss was to Floyd Mayweather Jr. I still believe he beat Manny Pacquiao in their third fight. Barrera has been doing good as well. He lost to Amir Khan but has won two fights before and two after that. I would not rule out a second fight between Marco Antonio Barrera and Juan Manuel Marquez.


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