simply well

Simply Well: Choices for a Healthy Life. That is the name of the book I completed reading recently. The 210 page book is a great reference of how to live life fully, simply, and create general wellness. In life, people are often in a rush. If we take the time to slow down and enjoy little things, we would be better off.

Simply Well covers topics like exercise, solitude, learning to say no, breathing, loosening up, and more. Towards the end, the book talked about living in the now. Take everyday one day at a time. If we look into the future too much we may lose sight of what needs to be accomplished today.

Learning to say NO was another topic that is stored in my head. I can relate to this. Nice people can say no too. As I have matured, it is much easier to say no. I used to be all yes. People actually respect you more if you say no once in awhile. Exercising regularly can eliminate stress. I wouldn’t say all stress but things that used to rattle you up may be easier to handle.



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