hopkins vs dawson II

Here we go, the rematch is happening this evening. If you missed the first fight, well, actually it was quite easy to miss their first fight. The fight only lasted two rounds. At the end of the second round, Bernard threw a lead right hand which caused him to lean on Dawson’s back. At this time, Dawson used his shoulder to push Hopkins off him and Bernard landed on the canvas.

Hopkins was shown lying on the mat aching in pain grabbing his left shoulder. Many are saying Bernard was faking in attempt to get out of the fight. I couldn’t tell you to be honest, thats why there is a rematch I suppose. Up to this point no one was really controlling the fight. Chad Dawson was landing some inside shots while Bernard Hopkins was using his straight right hand. It did look like Hopkins scored a knock down mid way through round two. He hit Dawson with a right uppercut as they collided. However, it wasn’t ruled a knock down and I agree with that call.

Alright, I am going with Chad Dawson to win the fight. Bernard still can bang with the best but I think Chad will take the fight. I did pick Jean Pascal to beat Hopkins. The first fight ended in a majority draw. Hopkins beat Pascal in their rematch. Bernard has always been a slow starter. If Dawson can stay on him throughout the fight, then he has a good chance of getting his hand raised.


2 thoughts on “hopkins vs dawson II

  1. Hopkins is one of the fighters whose skills don’t dwindle as fast when he gets older. Even if his technique is still amazing though, I think he may start to feel the age more than in his previous fights.

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