cinco de mayo

May 5th is an historic day. The Mexican Army was outnumbered by the French Army in the Battle of Puebla. The French army had 8,000 soldiers to the Mexican army’s 4,000. Being outnumbered 4,000 men but end of being victorious is nuts! Winning this battle is rightfully recognized as a holiday.

On May 5th 2012, the boxing scene is shining bright. Floyd Mayweather Jr takes on challenger Miguel Cotto. If the main event isn’t enough, Saul Alvarez will be squaring off against veteran challenger Shane Mosley. It is kind of weird saying Shane Mosley as the challenger. Oh yeah, I just heard Steve Forbes is fight on this card too, man, I can’t wait. Forbes is a great boxer, I enjoy watching him when he does have a fight scheduled.

Mosley vs Alvarez, I can see both guys winning. Alvarez is much younger than Mosley, 20 years I believe. This does not happen often where there is a 20 year age difference! I am picking Shane to win this regardless of his age. I believe he still has it in him. Saul is a strong kid that likes to bring it to his opponents. I see Mosley’s experience being the difference maker. He can either play it smart and box Alvarez or stand in there on occasion and trade power shots. Whatever happens, I see Mosley coming out the victor by way of decision.

Mayweather vs Cotto, I only see Floyd winning this fight. He is in the driver’s seat, controlling from round 1. Cotto may start strong but this is much like every other fighter who has faced Mayweather. Floyd handles adversity like its nothing. If Cotto wants to stand a chance, he has to go to the body hard. I see Floyd getting his hand raised by way of TKO around round 8-10.



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