diamond in the rough- stevie “2-pound” forbes

Steve Forbes last fought Jessie Vargas on the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley-Saul Alvarez undercard event. Forbes’ professional record is 35 wins with 11 losses. He is well known for his time on the Contender. Forbes was the favorite to win. In his first three bouts he defeated Freddy Curie, Nick Acevedo, and Cornelius Bundrage but was defeated by Grady Brewer in the final match.

He has been on the recieving end of some controversial decisions a well. His fight with Demetrius Hopkins in 2007 was a questionable decision. His big payday against Oscar De La Hoya was a supposed tune up for De La Hoya looking at a rematch with Mayweather Jr. Forbes fought well against the favored De La Hoya. Forbes landed some good blows and didn’t seemed bothered during the 12 round fight.

I enjoyed watching his fight with Andre Berto. Even though he came up short, he hung in there with Berto. Steve Forbes is a great defensive fighter, a nice guy, and a joy to watch. I am buttering him up, I really mean this. You the man Stevie!


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