street dreams

I finished watching Street Dreams today. The movie stars Rob Dyrdek, Terry Kennedy, Paul Rodriquez, Ryan Sheckler, the late Ryan Dunn and more. Overall it was not bad for how long it was. I believe it was 1 hour & 30 minutes. The storyline moves pretty fast, I did notice.

The group travels to Tampa to compete at the famous Skatepark of Tampa. Paul Rodriguez character, Derrick Cabrera, has a tension filled home life. His father is not  fond of his skateboarding. The two bump heads often in the film. Rob Dyrdeks character, Troy Vincent, is an arrogant person. He thinks he knows what is best for everyone and often believes he is right.

These two are so called “friends” but it is easy to tell that the group tolerates Troy. Cash, played by Ryan Dunn, is the fun loving guy of the group. He is often goofing and has a big heart. Much like Ryan Dunn did. Reese, played by Terry Kennedy is much like Cash, the two are often inseparable. Eric Jones (Ryan Sheckler) is a younger kid that Derrick befriends. The two met because of Derricks interest in Eric’s sister Taylor (C.C. Sheffield). When at Tampa, Derrick finally lands the banger he worked hard for, a 360 flip krooked grind.


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