The fight took place last Saturday June 9th. First off, I picked Manny to win the fight; honestly, I didn’t know much about Timothy Bradley. I did know he was undefeated. The strange think before the fight was the whereabouts of Pacquiao.. Bradley was warming up and ready to rumble. On the other hand, Manny was no where to be found? After about 5-10 minutes of waiting, Manny was ready. Bradley was not worried, despite his pacing around the dressing room.

Now to the fight. I thought the announce team and Harold Lederman were a little biased leaning towards Manny winning every round. Come on! I gave the first round to Bradley. Pacquiao did land those nice shots at the end but I think Bradley was more active. Throughout the fight, Max Kellerman and Jim Lampley were counting Bradley out saying Manny is winning easily. Really? I was watching and I scored some rounds for Timothy.

Anyway, when the final bell rang, I had Pacquiao winning 116-112. He did look a bit frustrated in the fight. It was not Manny’s best performance but he got the job done. Or until the judges rendered their decision. Two judges scored the fight 115-113 Bradley, while one judge had it 115-113 Pacquiao! Wow. I was a little surprised but then again I shouldn’t be. The sport of boxing is unpredictable.

Timothy Bradley is now the WBO Welterweight title holder. A rematch may take place November 10th. Alright, I do think Manny won this fight. However, I believe Timothy Bradley wanted it more. Another reason I think the judges leaned towards Bradley was because they had to wait for Manny to get ready. This is viewed as not taking this fight seriously. Bradley was ready to go from the start and Manny was not.


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