the jokerr vs tha joker

I first heard about Tha Joker a few years back. I listened to his We Do It 4 Fun series and like Part 1, 2 & 8. What is interesting about Tha Joker is that he is not associated with any record label. Also, the fact that he is very young, now I believe 21? Much of his popularity came from buzz media like Myspace, youtube, etc. I stumbled upon this diss video on youtube.

There is another Joker in town. In this case, The Jokerr. He explains that he is the real Joker and that he has the name trademarked. Interesting. Although I think Tha Joker can still use his name. The music video is well done I must say. The Jokerr is a little hard on Tha Joker saying that he is garbage and that he is just another hip hop clone. The Jokerr mentions at the end he has put in years of perfecting the art of entertainment, spectacle, lyricism and vocal performance. Looks like another beef between rappers brewing up, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “the jokerr vs tha joker

  1. The Jokerr killed this song and “beef” hands down, BUT I had “We Do It For Fun” on my PSP in 7th grade back when Tha Joker was 17, if The Jokerr was “perfecting” all of these things in the game, how come I’m JUST now hearing of him? Sounds like a hater to me.

    1. Yes he did. Tha Joker is still very young. He is 21 now? He has done a lot since he started at 17. Yeah, I don’t know if The Jokerr just doesn’t care for him or wants to prove he is the real one.

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