ufc on fx 4: guida vs maynard

Overall I enjoyed what I saw last night. I did not realize this was taking place last night. I did know that UFC 147 is this evening. Cub Swanson vs Ross Pearson was a good fight. Both men started out measuring each other with some striking. Pearson got a nice takedown. Swanson gets up shortly after by working off the cage. Ross throws a high kick but is blocked by Swanson. Cub Swanson’s boxing is looking sharp. Swanson throws a kick that sends him off balance and Pearson slams him down. Ross lands a glancing straight right and Swanson is fighting off his back. Round 1 ends, I scored it for Ross because of the takedowns. Round 2 begins and both are swinging. Cub is landing some blows. Pearson gets a few takedowns again. Ross’ chin is solid. Swanson lands a left hook back peddling and gets the TKO victory. Great fight.

Brian Ebersole vs TJ Waldburger was an alright fight. Brian Ebersole seemed like a strange dude but what do I know. Ebersole was doing some weird movements in the cage and not to mention that arrow of his chest hair? Regardless he got the unanimous decision victory. I found it interesting that TJ Waldburger turned pro at such a young age.

The rubber match between Sam Stout and Spencer Fisher goes to Stout. The fight was a mix of their past two. The takedowns is what was the deciding factor. Congratulations Sam Stout. The main event between Clay Guida vs Gray Maynard was a disappointment. I couldn’t believe Guida. From what I saw, he was dodging Maynard for the majority of the five round fight. Gray Maynard was making the fight happen. Although he was missing a lot, he was pursuing Guida. Clay landed some clean counter shots but would not show much offense. Maynard was visibly upset with Clay by giving him the finger on a few occasions. The split decision goes to Maynard. This is most likely based on the point taken from Guida for not engaging. I’m sure a rematch is going to be made.


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