silva vs sonnen II

The rematch is tonight! It is up in the air about who is going to win. As we know, Chael Sonnen dominated Anderson Silva in the first fight. From round 1-5, it seemed clear that Anderson Silva finally met his maker. Until he locked Chael in an arm triangle that no one expected. This caused Sonnen to submit after all his hard work.

From what I saw, Anderson Silva caught a HUGE break. It is known that during and leading up to their first outing, Silva’s ribs were hurting. A lot are saying this is the reason he was getting beaten up. It could be a partial reason, but I think Sonnen is a good fighter. The rematch will be another 5 round fight with the UFC Middleweight Championship on the line.

Chael wants the belt badly. Anderson Silva is very dangerous fighter. He can knock you out with 1 punch or cause you to submit. My prediction is Chael Sonnen will be crowned the new UFC Middleweight champion. I believe Silva will put up a better fight but from what I have seen, Sonnen is hungrier and wants it more.


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