the quiet person

Yes, I admit it, I am quiet. Quiet people are all over the planet, in every state, town, country, etc. I have been told this on several occasions. It usually goes something like this “Why are you so quiet”?, or “You don’t say much do you”? In this instance I can’t help but smile and nod to agree with the observation. This is followed up with an awkward questionable stare from the person(s). Haha. Friends and family who are used to me except this and know that it is old news.

I feel listening is the key to conversation. I cannot count how many times I have been in a conversation where the other person interrupts or that I can tell as soon as I am done talking, it is there turn to talk about themselves. No problem, it is just human nature. This entry is not to bash on being quiet. I have received compliments for being the way I am. Compliments on being calm, patient and that actions speak louder than words. So next time you meet or spend time with a quiet person, give them a chance!


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