preview prediction- martinez vs chavez jr

The showdown is September 15th and as you can tell, I am anxious. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr will face his toughest opponent yet in Sergio Martinez. Chavez Jr is the current WBC Middleweight Champion while Martinez is The Ring Middleweight Champion. Whoever wins, they will bring home another title.

Now, on to who will be the victor. I am picking Julio Cesar Chavez Jr to defeat Sergio Martinez. A lot of people are probably going to question this or call me nuts. I am basing this off of what I have seen over the past couple of fights. Ironically, both boxers last fights were not as good as some in the past. I mean they are human, no one is on their A game all the time.

Sergio Martinez’ last couple fights were against Matthew Macklin and Darren Barker. Although he beat these two gentlemen, the boxing community was not thrilled. Chavez Jr’s last few bouts were against Andy Lee and Marco Antonio Rubio. Some folks were not impressed with his fight with Andy Lee. However, he fought a hard fight with Rubio.

I think it will be a hard fought fight. Sergio Martinez can hurt Chavez with his straight left and his fast hands in general. I see Julio using his big frame; putting a lot of pressure on Martinez on the inside. The fight will last 12 rounds, in my opinion, with Junior getting the split decision victory.


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