Martinez-Chavez Jr

The fight is finally here! I never thought the day would come (seriously). There has been a lot of build up for the fight with the 24/7 series, Face Off & 2 Days. Sergio has been hard at work and really wants to prove Chavez Jr. Isn’t all that (in his opinion). Martinez seems to be a bit bent out of shape with junior. Hopefully he will not take it in the ring.

Chavez has been training hard. Now it may not seem so but he is putting in good work. Freddie Roach was getting angry with Julio. He is a young man that likes being his own master. All in all, it looks like the two make up for lost time.

This fight is a big test for both. Sergio Martinez is hungry to put young Julio’s career to a halt. Junior is out to prove to Sergio that he is the real deal. Alright, now I have to make my pick. I pick Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. to defeat Sergio Martinez by way of TKO round 10.


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