chavez jr-martinez post fight thoughts

Sergio Martinez is the new WBC Middleweight champion. Yes he dethroned the young 26 year old Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. He did this with ease for about 11 of the 12 rounds. In round 12 however, Chavez scored a miraculous knock down. Martinez looked hurt by this but managed to pull it out for the final bell. If junior were to fight like this from round 1, I have no doubt he would of gotten a knock out in 7 or 8 rounds.

Sergio Martinez was hitting Chavez with everything he had! Guess what, he never hurt Julio during the entire fight! Martinez was hitting him at will and with power shots. I’m not sure what was wrong with junior in this one. He looked sluggish and hesitant. It may have been Sergio’s movement in the ring; he was all over the place. This movement probably confused Chavez and he just couldn’t pin him down.

Others may say that Chavez’ lack luster training was the reason for his defeat. Freddie Roach is not one to shy away from telling the truth. He believes Julio could of won the fight easily if he trained harder. Well, hopefully there will be a rematch down the road. I would like to see another one between the two.



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