de la hoya-sturm II?

There were some rumors going on in the boxing community that a rematch between Oscar De La Hoya and Felix Sturm was going to take place October 20th 2012. Sad to say the date has already passed.. The first fight took place back in 2004 with De La Hoya winning a controversial unanimous decision.

Many believe that Felix Sturm should have won this fight. I scored the fight first for Oscar then watched it again and scored it for Sturm. It was close. The funny thing is why would De La Hoya want a rematch? He is 39 years old with nothing to prove. He has fought everyone and has captured 10 world titles in 6 weight classes. Felix Sturm is still a young fighter who has fought on a consistent basis throughout his career. He is a great fundamental boxer similar to Bernard Hopkins in taking little risks.

The problem is if the fight were to happen down the road, could De La Hoya get himself in shape? It was said he started training but his body couldn’t handle it. This sounds familiar to his training for Manny Pacquaio in 2008. He killed his body making weight and was a dead man walking the entire fight. We all know Sturm can make weight and will probably fight another 5 years. Call me stupid, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch.


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