unhappily ever after

One comedy television series that I thought was often over looked was Unhappily Ever After. The show ran 4 seasons from 1995-1999. The series was quite similar to the popular Married…With Children. However, did not reach the heights of Married With Children. Although I did enjoy and still do, I felt there was always something missing. Not sure what the missing element was but thought some of the episodes were empty. My favorite episode of all time is “The Agony of Victory”.

Favorite Charaters:

  • Ryan Malloy- I liked Ryan because he was an upbeat kid. He was a bonehead at times but always had good intentions.
  • Mr. Floppy- I liked Floppy because he was Jack’s alter-ego. He said the stuff that Jack couldn’t say and was a straight shooter.
  • Jack Malloy- Contrary to popular belief, I thought Jack was a decent father.  Angry most of the series but meant well.

Least favorite characters:

  • Ross Malloy- I thought Ross was obnoxious. He craved attention and was often whining about something trivial.
  • Jennie Malloy- Jennie was mean spirited. Jennie was often putting the family down, mainly Jack.
  • Tiffany Malloy- Tiffany was hot! Yet, this doesn’t help her cause. She was manipulative and thought she was above everyone else.



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