pacquiao-marquez IV


I am going to give an early prediction of this anticipated fourth fight. Four fights? Man. First off, I watched their third fight and I must say Marquez won. No question. I believe the judges gave Manny that fight. Juan was beating Manny to the punch, controlling the ring, and outworking him. That is my two cents on the last fight. However, that was the past and December 8th is the future.

I still cannot believe a fourth fight was made. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to watch it. Pacquiao’s recent performances have not been what the boxing community has expected. The fight with Timothy Bradley was a robbery. In my opinion, the reason the judges gave it to Bradley was because everyone was waiting on Manny to arrive. He made people wait. Freddie Roach was even stalling! This made people mad and more importantly made the judges upset. Marquez always seems to be on his A-game. His hard work speaks for itself. Within the last few years, he has a 4 win and 1 loss record.

I am pulling for Juan Manuel Marquez to win. Pacquiao has caught too many breaks and on Decmember 8th, I see him getting a loss. I am not taking anything away from Manny. He is a phenom but I think Marquez has his number. They know each other so well that it will be another classic!

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