I have heard the rave about a show called Workaholics. Rave as in how ridiculous and hilarious the series is. I started watching season 1 and continued to season 2. The three main characters- Blake, Adam, and Anders fit the bill almost perfectly. Blake is goofy, Adam is hyper all the time, and Anders is the somewhat level-headed one. I feel this a great show for twenty somethings (myself) either just out of college or transitioning to a full time job. The three are naive, clueless, and are doing their best to live day by day.

My favorite character is Ders. What makes him funny to me is that being the most normal out of the three, he is easily swayed by Blake and Adams antics. It does not take much for him to tag along. I have watched only a few episodes of season 3. Season 4 is now happening. I have some catching up to do that is no question.

So far, my favorite episode would have to be in Season 1: Checkpoint Gnarly. The whole episode makes me burst out in laughter. The fact that Blake, Adam, and Ders spend the whole day hanging out with Alice’s brother Brad is priceless. The four have a crazy night without question. Thank you Workaholics and Comedy Central for providing a one of a kind television show!


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