ufc 157 review


A much anticipated event was last night, UFC 157. It was a special night due to Miss Ronda Rousey making her UFC debut. Her and Liz Carmouche put on one hell of a main event. Other headliners were Dan Henderson, Lyoto Machida, Josh Neer, Uriah Faber, Robbie Lawler, Josh Koscheck, and more.

My favorite bouts of the evening:

3.) Court McGee defeats Josh Neer. Court McGee was putting together some good combinations in this fight. Josh Neer never really got going. However, I was impressed with the few jabs he landed. Those jabs were effective and put McGee on the defensive. These two were visibly tired in this bout but for good reason, they fought hard. Court McGee scores a unanimous decision victory.

2.) Lyoto Machida defeats Dan Henderson. Some may have thought this fight was boring but it was a tactical bout. Both of these gentleman knew the skill of one another and I think we’re playing it safe until the final bell rang. Each guy scored a few take downs and got a few shots in; nothing too big though. I did think Machida won the fight just barely.. I was expecting it to be a draw. If Henderson did land his right hand, it would of been over.

1.) “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey defeats Liz Carmouche. Man what a fight! From the get go, these two ladies came out swinging! Carmouche almost had Rousey when she was on her back. Rousey prevailed and started controlling things on the ground. Carmouche was trying to capture Rousey with her legs but came up short. Shortly after, Rousey finished her with an armbar. It amazes me that she has finished every opponent with an armbar. In the first round.

UFC 157 was a great event!



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