martinez vs murray


I caught a replay of this fight late last night. I thought it was a good fight. Martinez was doing his usual hands below the waist approach. However, I do believe this backfired from start to finish. Martin Murray fought a fundamental fight. Murray had great defense the entire fight with his hands protecting his face. Sergio wanted Murray to get wild and take chances. Murray kept blocking a good portion of Martinez’ punches and got going in the mid rounds.

Sergio Martinez met the canvas twice! Man. The last guy to do that was JCC Jr. He dropped first in the 8th and again in the 10th. The one in the 10th round was ruled a slip? I saw a clear knockdown. Martinez started a mini comeback in the championship rounds. When the final bell sounded, Martinez was confident he won the fight. I disagree. I think if the second knockdown was in fact ruled a knockdown, we would of had a draw. Being in  Martinez native Argentina, I really think Martinez had the fight in the bag, as long as he stayed in the fight.

My hats off to both guys for putting on a nice fight, even in the rain! Rain or shine as the saying goes. I was impressed with how Martin Murray did not back down from Martinez. His body shots seemed to knock Sergio back a lot. Martinez work rate is what makes him stand out. I look forward to a rematch with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr for Martinez sometime.


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