ufc 159 review


UFC 159 was pretty decent. By that I mean above average. The earlier bouts were more entertaining than the main event! The main event was of course Jon Jones putting his light heavyweight title on the line against Chael Sonnen. Many believed that Sonnen did not deserve a title shot; I do think he was a worthy opponent. He sure does say so in the leading up to the bout. Love or hate him, Chael provides some great comic relief! Jon Jones did not seem too bothered by Sonnen’s words.

Pat Healy defeated Jim Miller in a very good fight. This fight could of been fight of the night, in my opinion. What about Roy Nelson’s KO over Cheick Kongo! Wow. Nelson is a one punch knockout guy. I hope to see him compete for the heavyweight title. Not only can he stand up, he is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt as well.

There was a lot of bad blood between Michael Bisping and Alan Belcher. Bisping stayed busy the entire fight and this is why he got the victory. Belcher looked low on stamina for a good portion of the fight. Jones and Sonnen started out fast but slowed down quick. It looked like Sonnen was going to take control but Jon Jones overpowered Chael. Jones took Sonnen down with ease and Chael looked a bit overwhelmed. I did think the stoppage was a little early. Even though Jones was hammering him.

Jon Jones retains his title and Chael Sonnen accepted defeat like a good sport. I think Sonnen will be back, he is a good fighter. I almost forgot, Ronda Rousey was looking good in her blue outfit!




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