mayweather-guerrero review


The fight was a few weeks ago and I’d like to review it. I picked Floyd to win. I really didn’t think Robert Guerrero stood a chance. The first few rounds I actually scored them for Guerrero. I thought he was aggressive enough to win those two. However, the remaining 10 rounds it was all Mayweather.

A lot of critics were saying Floyd is aging and not as sharp. Well, he proved them wrong yet again. Floyd looked sharp as ever. Guerrero showed no quit even though he was getting hit by Floyd’s right hand repeatedly. Floyd comes out the victor with a record of 44-0. Impressive.

There are now talks of a Mayweather-Alvarez bout. Floyd somewhat dismissed the idea; saying he deserves some time off. He is scheduled to fight this September with an opponent unnamed. The only fight I see is him versus Alvarez. I really would not be interested in a Ortiz rematch or Amir Khan. Manny Pacquiao actually wouldn’t be a bad idea considering he lost to Marquez. 


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