american underworld


American Underworld is a documentary about people making homemade illegal drugs. I thought the short film was quite educational. It shows some mind blowing stuff that you wouldn’t think is happening right around the corner, but is.
The few segments that stuck were when the journalist talked to a Cocaine drug lord and a steroid cook. The cocaine drug lord was a calm guy despite the business he is in. However, the drug lord did mention that he could mess someone up at anytime; He is still a gangster no matter what. He let the journalist see from the starting block how the cocaine is sold. The photo journalist goes to a few crack houses to witness what is going on. Pretty crazy stuff.
The steroid segment I found interesting as well. The cook supposedly rents a house in a normal neighborhood and cooks anabolic steroids. He also sell his homemade products straight to customers. The cook is a paranoid guy, understandably, but makes some valid points. Points about steroids and sports. He says that if there were no growth hormone or steroids in pro sports, it would be a boring place. The cook says he always tries the stuff he makes on himself. Guess what, he puts a needle in himself! Great documentary.


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