blue jasmine


I saw Blue Jasmine today and thought it was halfway decent. I was surprised how the film ended so early; I for sure thought it would be longer. Cate Blanchett plays Jasmine Francis who is the protagonist in the film. My first impression of Jasmine was what a brat she is, not to mention condescending. Her husband, Hal, played by Alec Baldwin, was a crooked businessman who was sent to prison. In prison, Hal committed suicide. Jasmine’s good life is now turned upside down.

Jasmine moves in with her sister named Ginger. Of all the characters, Ginger was the most level-headed, in my opinion. I’ll stop giving the movie away right now. Overall, I thought the film was decent. I do think the story moved a little fast. The other characters in the film seemed absent and only there to build off Jasmine. I have not seen too many Woody Allen but wouldn’t find seeing more.


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