mayweather-alvarez review


The Floyd Mayweather versus Canelo Alvarez was titled “The One”; meaning whoever won was not only undefeated, but the man! I picked Mayweather to win the fight. Many boxing people were picking Alvarez to be the guy who would dethrone Floyd of his undefeated streak.

The opening rounds were a good feeling out process, neither man got the best of the other. Alvarez showed some promise as Floyd looked cautious. Mayweather stated landing his one shots (jab, sneak right hand) and Canelo looked frustrated. I remember the referee separated them a few times and Floyd wanted to touch gloves but Canelo refused! As the fight grew, Mayweather was gaining vast control. Alvarez did what he could and wasn’t completely out of the fight.

The twelve round came to a close and I had no doubt who won. The score card was goofy as usual, 114-114 on one judges card? Come on. Canelo, I thought did a great job. He was hard on himself. Floyd is now 45-0 and captured The Ring & WBC Light Middleweight titles.


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