child’s play 2

Halloween time is not only a time for candy and costumes but for some Halloween flicks! Duh, we all know that. I recently watched Child’s Play 2 over at a buddy’s Halloween party. I never got into the Chucky series; I saw the first one and Bride of Chucky, that’s about it. I enjoyed Child’s Play 2. It was a pretty good horror movie I must say.

My favorite character is Kyle. Kyle is the young lady who is following the killer dolls orders. She does a might fine job of taking Chucky down. Not to mention, she is quite good looking, or I should say Christine Elise is good looking. Anyway, getting off topic.

Another reason I enjoyed this cult classic was for Chucky’s one-liner jokes. I was laughing out loud on more than one occasion. My favorite- “If I don’t get out of this body soon, I’ll be trapped in here!” I will continue to watch more of the Child’s Play series in the future.

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