marquez-bradley review

I caught the replay of Juan Manuel Marquez vs Timothy Bradley last week. I picked Marquez to win by unanimous decision. I thought Timothy Bradley was handed the “win” over Manny Pacquiao. Anyone who watched that fight knew who the real winner was. The first few rounds were in Marquez favor. It looked as if he was still feeling Bradley out. Timothy Bradley started turning up the heat and was landing his jab over and over.

Marquez looked a bit discouraged mid way through the fight. Although he would randomly land a hard right hand. In the twelve round, the two were swinging for the fences. Bradley hit Marquez with a counter left hook that staggered Marquez back. After the fight, I had no doubt that Timothy Bradley would be awarded the decision. 116-112 I thought was a fair ruling but not sure about the 115-113 ones. Good fight, good night!


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