nwa tna weekly ppv’s


Total Nonstop Action wrestling started in 2002. World Championship Wrestling (WCW) went under in 2001, Jeff Jarrett and his father started NWA: TNA. TNA did things a little different from the start. At the time, they did not have a television program. Instead, the promotion held weekly pay-per-views as opposed to monthly ones; which were the norm.

I have been watching the weekly ppv’s regularly, thanks to youtube. I finished watching their 14th ppv today. I must say, I do enjoy them. Many of the wrestlers are from the main WCW, WWE or other promotions. Wrestlers like Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Brian Lawler (son of Jerry “The King”), Ron Killings, Ken Shamrock, Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles and much more.

One thing that stuck out to me watching the early TNA is that there was not a lot of talking going on or filler moments. I suppose that is why the Jarrett’s named it Total Nonstop Action. Another stand out thing was that every wrestler was on an even playing field; every wrestler was treated equally. Unlike the other popular promotions. I really enjoyed there Gauntlet for the Gold matches.

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