bad grandpa review

ImageBad Grandpa… haha. The Bad Grandpa character was first introduced in Jackass 2. Johnny Knoxville goes above and beyond in his role as a dirty old man. When I heard Dickhouse was making a whole film about the Bad Grandpa character, I immediately laughed. I actually saw Bad Grandpa on Thanksgiving night. I know that sounds morally wrong but I’m not sweating it.

My first intention was that the film was going to be a bunch of clips. However, it was more of a documentary style. Being a little older now and more mature, I did not find everything funny. Some of the movie dragged a bit but all in all I did enjoy it. The funniest part to me was the beauty pageant scene. The young man, Billy, did have some dance moves. He actually out performed all of the girls. Another part I laughed about but was bad, was the part at the biker bar. The biker gang helped abused kids and we all saw that coming.


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