cb-1 weight gainer

Gaining weight is tough for folks with a fast metabolism; in comes me. I have always been on the thin side throughout my life. People I don’t even know have pointed this out (as if I am oblivious to the fact). I came across CB-1 Weight gainer while doing research about how to gain weight. I actually wasn’t too skeptical about the product and decided what the hell. When I first bought it, I did not follow it religiously. This was mainly due to me being busy. It is honestly hard to take as described- 2 capsules, 3 times a day, 30-60 minutes before each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

What CB-1 does is it delays the feeling of fullness. It does work. Now I am following a decent schedule of taking the capsules. I remember eating two eggs sunny side up, two pieces of toast and a glass of orange juice. After consuming this good portion, guess what? I was still hungry! No way. So, I had a bowl of cereal and finally was full.

I have changed up my exercise routine as well. I have limited cardio only to the elliptical machine. No more jogging or basketball. I go about 3 three days a week and lift heavy weights. I finally weight myself today and was surprised to see me at 166lbs. This may not seem like much but about one week ago I was 153-155lbs. Hopefully this is accurate and the scale is not faulty. I believe it is due to the simple fact of eating more calories, and this is what weight gain is all about. My goal would possibly to get at 170lbs.



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