the artie lange show

I catch the Artie Lange show usually late night. Artie Lange is a funny guy. His days on Mad TV and Howard Stern I will never forget. The show is a talk show and he has different types of people in the entertainment industry as guests. The latest one I watched was with Deana Martin. I do not know too much about the guests he has on, but it’s good seeing people I am unfamiliar with.

The main reason I enjoy the show is because it has a soothing vibe. It is not loud or rambunctious. Artie and former football player Jon Ritchie do a great job facilitating the show. The announcer Mike Bocchetti I do like as well; I am not to wild about the thrill girls Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan. Then again, maybe I don’t know them well enough. Good show, I will continue to watch.



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