Today, Floyd Mayweather is the face of boxing. Some may argue that Manny Pacquiao is the face of boxing but I believe Floyd takes the cake. Marcos Maidana was the brave soul who challenged the undefeated boxer on Saturday. It was a much better fight than I anticipated. Maidana came hard from beginning until the twelve round bell rang. Some may argue that this was Floyd’s toughest fight.  I can’t argue with that. Floyd made his adjustments later in the fight; I noticed around round 8 he stepped up. Although, I never saw Marcos Maidana slow down despite Floyd’s countering.

This fight reminded me of Mayweather-Hatton in where Ricky constantly pressured Floyd. When the fight was over, I honestly had a hard time picking a victor. My heart was for Maidana but something told me that Floyd was going to get the win. It doesn’t hurt that the fight was in Vegas. The scorecards were interesting; 114-114 Draw, 117-111 and 116-112 for Floyd Mayweather Jr. I thought the draw 114-114 was fair, the 117-111 was ridiculous.. Funny thing is, I do not wish to see a rematch between the two. Great fight though.


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