ortiz vs shlemenko

Bellator 120 was an exciting fight card. I did not get to watch it but I caught a few of the main fights later. One fight in particular that caught my attention was Tito Ortiz vs Alexander Shlemenko. Man, Tito Ortiz is still hungry for competition at age 39? He was the face of the UFC for such a long time. I suppose he is still a young man; however in the fight game, 39 is getting up there.

Ortiz took on Alexander Shlemenko. Shlemenko is the current Bellator Middleweight Champion. Shlemenko stepped up and fought a man who was about 25 pounds bigger than him. On fight night, the two weighed about the same. Yet it was apparent Ortiz was a weight class bigger.

Shlemenko came out landing some shots on Tito. Tito didn’t look too fazed and searched for his opening. The fight went to the ground slowly and eventually Ortiz caught Shlemenko in an arm-triangle choke. It was locked in tight and Shlemenko passed out. Good win for Ortiz despite what critics will say. Shlemenko is still the man at middlewight, so losing to a bigger man isn’t that bad.


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