22 jump street

I caught 22 Jump Street this weekend. I have not seen 21 Jump Street nor the television series. I heard good things about 21st and 22nd, so why not. Two cops go undercover in a university to solve the mysterious death of a student. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill star as Greg Jenko and Morton Schmidt. Their goal is to track down the supplier of a popular campus drug called “WHYPHY”.

Jenko quickly makes friends with the football team and tries out. He did stellar and walks on to the football team. Schmidt on the other hand struggled to make solid friends and is often questioned about his age. He eventually warms the heart of a fellow classmate, Maya (Amber Stevens). Ironically, Maya is the daughter of Captain Dickson (Ice Cube). We later find this out in an uncomfortable meeting of the parents.

At this point, a lot of people are seen as potential suspects. The person shown with the deceased student happened to be Zook, Jenko’s football teammate. Their cover gets blown when they go to Puerto Rico for Spring Break. Some hilarious fight scenes and action spots induce. I will not spoil the ending so I will end my entry now. The credits make a mockery of future Jump Street movies. I believe they went all the way to 2121 Jump Street in space.



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