jerry seinfeld comedian

Comedian is a documentary centered around the real-life of show business. The main stars are Jerry Seinfeld and up and coming comedian Orny Adams. It is interesting to see a different side of being a comedian than you see on television. These men and women are human too; they feel all the nerves before they hit the stage. There were some nice cameos by popular folks such as Jay Leno, Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Ray Romano, Colin Quinn and much more.

I was impressed by Jerry. He has been in comedy so long and he keeps a cool head about everything. Sure, he gets worried but he has a positive outlook. He gets up everyday and does his job, simply put. I found it funny when he dropped the F-bomb a few times, we don’t hear that much. Orny was a newcomer to comedy. From the get to, he is quite hard on himself. Not to mention paranoid. I thought he was doing fine, he just has to not worry so much about the future.

What I learned is that Comedy is really no different than any other career path. Meaning, these guys go through all the stress, anxiety and triumph that average Joe’s do. Here is some advice Jerry gives to Orny.


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