the big bang theory

The Big Bang Theory. No, I’m not getting scientific here. The series on CBS. This show couldn’t come on at a perfect time. It is always on with a minimum of three episodes back-to-back. It stars John Galecki as Leonard, Jim Parsons as Sheldon, Kaley Cuoco as Penny, Simon Helberg as Howard and Kunal Nayyar as Raj.

My favorite characters are Penny and Leonard. Penny is street smart, blunt and not to mention, hot! I like Leonard because he is the less obnoxious of the group of guys. Everyone’s I ask about the show, their favorite is Sheldon. Why? He is annoying, opinionated and sheltered. I guess this is what makes him funny? I don’t see it but that’s my opinion.

I do not follow from season to season. I catch what is on when I get home; the episodes are mixed. The main aspect I enjoy about the Big Bang Theory is that it keeps my attention. Some new sitcoms I watch don’t do the same thing and the Big Bang Theory does the opposite.


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