vic mackey

Being a fan of the television series The Shield, I cannot help but make a post about the antagonist, Vic Mackey. Played by Michael Chiklis, Vic says the stuff that normal human beings would think twice about. His actions lead the way more than his words. He leads the Strike Team around Los Angeles in hopes of gaining a profit and oh yeah, fighting crime, I guess. Throughout the series, it amazes me how Vic and his crew get out of their scheming ways. Just when the viewer thinks he is done, he finds a way to break free.

The bottom line is that Mackey gets results, period. He often butts heads with Captain Aceveda because of it. My personal opinion is that Aceveda knows Vic is a dirty cop and lets him get away with certain situations. Vic’s home life seems difficult. His wife, Corrine, is somewhat is every episode. She is mostly seen trying to reason with Vic based on his work schedule, actions and family time. I cannot blame her. I suppose Mackey isn’t all that bad, considering he does illegal things to aid his children’s autism. I think Vic is alright. Yes he does morally bad things. However, he does look out for his family and friends well-being.


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