sex tape review

220px-Sex_Tape_(film)I went to the movies this week and caught Sex Tape. The flick stars Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Lowe, Ellie Kemper and Rob Corddry. It was both funny and cool seeing Rob Lowe after all these years. The fan reviews on Fandango weren’t too hot, so I decided to be my own judge. It stared out keeping my attention with Jay and Annie finding every opportunity to have sex. So basically they have a lot of sex when they are newlyweds, then they have a few kids and their love life struggles. After an hour into it, the movie lagged.

To recharge things, Annie (Cameron Diaz) suggest to make a sex tape. Who would of thought the woman would suggest this idea. I am not complaining by the way. They pick up the book The Joy of Sex and go nuts filming every position. Their tape ends up being about 3 hours long. Jay (Jason Segel) ends up accidentally syncing the video to several iPads. What a catastrophe. The next part of the movie involves them trying to indian-give all of the iPads Jay gave away as gifts.

Jay is threatened by Robbie’s son to cough up $25,000 or he is uploading the video to YouPorn. What a nice young man. Jay and Annie fail to retrieve $25,0000, so the next best thing? Break into the YouPorn headquarters of course. At this point, we encounter a funny cameo by Jack Black, the owner of YouPorn. Black explains in a comical way that all they had to do was email him and he would take their video down. I agreed with the Fandango reviews, not that great. If you want a movie with some cheap laughs and don’t really have to pay attention to, see Sex Tape.


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