martinez vs cotto

Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto squaring off? I pondered the thought but never really took into account it would actually happen. I say this because they are in two different weight classes and at different points in their career. Boy was I wrong. The fight took place on July 6th; a few days post fourth of July. I picked Martinez to win this one. I just thought his size and power would be too much for Miguel. The exact opposite happened in the squared circle. Cotto was bossing most of the exchanges and being the ring general. Sergio’s knee did seem unstable on a few of the knockdown’s. Despite this, he never got his rhythm going. Martinez never gave up and was taking shots that another fighter would go down. 

Pablo Sarmiento decided to call the fight in the 9th round despite Martinez’ will to fight. Miguel Cotto is now the WBC, The Ring and lineal middleweight champion, and he also became the first Puerto Rican boxer to win world titles in four weight divisions. Impressive. I do not think this will be Martinez’ last fight. Usually at 39 years old, any athlete would be retired or soon be. I see Sergio still continuing on with his boxing career. As for Cotto, I could see a rematch with either Pacquiao, Trout or Mayweather Jr.



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