bears vs 49ers

What a game. Man oh man. The following week, Chi-Town lost the Buffalo Bills. Coming into the season, critics were saying the Bill are no good. However, they did beat us, the favored team. Week 2 in football was set in reverse, at least for Da Bears. From quarters 1-3, it was all San Fransisco. Kaepernick was throwing bombs and finding his receivers. Frank Gore ran a short drive in for a touchdown. A few flags on San Fransisco towards the end of the third quarter.

Going into the fourth, the score was 20-7 in favor of the 49ers. The Bears were looking down and couldn’t catch a break. All of a sudden, the tables turn. Cutler found Marshall in the end zone as well as Martellus Bennett. These two efforts put Chicago up by one, 21-20. Kaepernick throws an interception. Jay Cutler tosses one to Marshall yet again. The final ends with 28-20 Chicago Bears. Who could forget Chris Conte’s pick!


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