hopkins vs kovalev

First off, Bernard Hopkins is 49 years old and still boxing? Wow. Maybe I should rephrase that, 49 years young. He still fights at the elite level; taking on the pound for pound best. Last nights bought was against “The Krusher” Sergey Kovalev of Russia. With an undefeated record, many were saying Kovalev would be the man to beat Hopkins. I agreed, but thought it would be more competitive. B-Hop went down in the first round due to a fast right hand by the Krusher. Hopkins did not seem hurt however. He took it like the champ he is and continued on.

I believe the judges gave Hopkins one round on the scorecards. The final round was another tough round for Hopkins with Kovalev pushing for a knockdown or knockout. B-Hop prevailed and the bell rang. Sergey Kovalev is now the reigning WBO, WBA and IBF light heavyweight title holder. Impressive win for the Krusher. I do believe Bernard Hopkins will continue fighting. He actually did not look old to me, Kovalev just had his number.


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