bellator 131

Bellator showcased a good fight card last night, Bellator 131. The two fights that I saw were “King Mo” Muhammed Lawal vs Joe Vedepo and Tito Ortiz vs Stephan Bonnar. I guess King Mo was originally supposed to fight Tom DeBlass but he had to pull out. Instead, King Mo faced Joe Vedepo. From the first round, Vedepo was outmatched. Joe Vedepo is a middleweight fighting a light heavyweight? You have to give it to him for taking this fight. King Mo dominated for three rounds, winning by TKO.


There is apparent bad blood between Ortiz and Bonnar; even after the fight. I picked Tito to win this fight and he did. Bonnar looked winded throughout the fight and didn’t seem himself. Tito looked good for being in the latter part of his career. He was landing strikes and scored a few takedowns. Now for the judges to say this was a split decision win is obsurd. Ortiz won every round meaning a majority decision.


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