dumb and dumber to


Twenty years have passed since Dumb and Dumber; The sequel has a dumb name to. You see what I did there? Right off the bat, it was better than I expected it to be. Sequels nowadays have not cut the mustard for sometime but Dumb and Dumber To proves the naysayers wrong. There were some familiar characters such as Harry, Lloyd (of course), Billy and Sea Bass. Sea Bass is seen after the movie credits roll.

The movie opens up with Harry visiting Lloyd at a mental institution. Lloyd was devastated about his lost romance to Mary Swanson. The whole thing ends of being a gag and Harry thought it was awesome. We meet Fraida Felcher, played by Kathleen Turner, who was their love interest talked about in the original. Harry and Lloyd set out to do a few things, one being finding a kidney for Harry and finding Harry’s daughter, Fanny. The funny thing is that Fanny actually resembles and acts more like Lloyd than Harry. Lloyd has the hots for Fanny until he realizes she may be his daughter.

The bad kidney situation with Harry needing a donor ends up being a joke to get back at Lloyd. The crazy thing is that he actually had it removed when it was fine! Fanny/Penny ends up being neither of their daughters but their late friend Pete Stainer. Fraida is confused why they thought Penny would be one of their daughters because they never had sex with her. I thought it was a good sequel and would recommend it.


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