christmas movies

It is that time, well, shortly. To build up the holiday spirit, I will run down some of my favorite Christmas movies.

  • Home Alone- The one that stared it all. Kevin was a good kid, kind of whiny but good. His family were jerks besides his dad. We saw Joe Pesci get schooled repeatedly by a youngster. Oh yeah, who could forget the classic Little Nero’s pizza delivery scene.
  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York- The sequel to the popular first film. I actually favor number two over the original. Kevin messes with the hotel staff with another clip from Angel’s with Filthy Souls. So funny. He learns that the bird lady is a nice person and not to be intimidated by.
  • A Christmas Story- The Holy Grail of Christmas movies. The tongue on the pole, the butt whopping of Scott Fargus, the scandalous lamp. Enough said.
  • National Lampoons Christmas Vacation- Clark, Ellen, Uncle Eddie, Audrey, Russ; a winning combination. Clark is a hapless man who loves his family and wants to see them happy. However, with every effort he ends up on the losing end.

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